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Minimum value of Party & Catering order is 750 CZK and will be delivered the earliest 3 hours after placing the order (we will inform you about the exact delivery time). We will place your sushi into special boxes or trays.
In case of any questions, please get in touch with us at tel: +420 702 165 158.

Sushi plates

  • Sushi Tray No.1  
    Availability: R K F A
    1900 Kč

Sushi box



Sushitime Specials


  • Maracuja lemonade  

    Ingredients: water, maracuja syrup 19% (cane sugar 59 %, passion fruit concentrate 8.2%, cane concentrate 2.9%, natural aroma, thickener: pectins)

    330ml + 49 Kč
  • Elderflower Lemonade - homemade  

    Ingredients: drinking water, elderberry syrup 19% (cane sugar 62.8%, water, acidity regulator: citric acid, natural aroma, elderflower extract 0.37%, lemon concentrate 0.34%, thickener: pectins)

    330ml + 49 Kč
  • Jasmine tea - homemade  

    Ingredients: drinking water, jasmine tea 4%, lime juice, sugar

    330ml + 49 Kč
  • Pepsi Cola  


    330ml + 45 Kč
  • Pepsi Light  


    330ml + 45 Kč
  • Still water  
    500ml + 39 Kč
  • Sparkling water  
    500ml + 39 Kč
  • Astoria brut  
    375ml + 199 Kč
  • Sommelier Select Gruner Veltliner  

    This fresh wine has a light green color and the aroma is reminiscent of summer apples and linden blossom. The aroma is smelled of hot almonds and green pepper. The taste is lively with good acidity.

    187ml + 75 Kč
  • Sommelier Select Frankovka  

    The wine is garnet in color and the aroma is dominated by tones of small garden fruit. Fresh, pleasant drinkable wine with spicy acidity and well-incorporated tannin.

    187ml + 75 Kč
  • Singha  

    Thai beer

    330ml + 59 Kč
  • Pilsner Urquell  
    330ml + 39 Kč
  • Birell  

    Non-alcoholic beer

    330ml + 39 Kč


  • Wasabi  


    10g + 9 Kč
  • Sushi rýže  

    Ingredients: sushi rice, vinegar, water, kombu seaweed, salt, sugar

    100g + 15 Kč
  • Pickled ginger  
    25g + 19 Kč
  • Soy sauce  
    15ml + 15 Kč
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